Getting Started

Seight Sports offer a fully inclusive service , all design and set up are included in the price.

We can take care of your design through our experienced design team from basic ideas through to the customer providing their own detailed design submissions.

We will work with you directly throughout the process and you can speak or contact us any time here in Australia. This process makes sure you are getting the best products for your needs. We understand the importance of kit.



Our experienced design team will work with you directly on your concept. We can work with a basic idea and turn your idea into reality. We also work with customers who provide their own detailed design concept to us and ensure that  their specifications and branding are exactly what they require.

Design files are preferred in ai, vector of hi-res PDF.

(There is no fee for design. Although we do reserve the right to charge for design work should work be carried out and no order is received. Refer to our terms and conditions)


What is My Team Shop (MTS)

Our My Team Shop ordering is the most seamless way to order! Our team will work with you on design and products, and once approved, we create a personalised team store for your group. The MTS is password protected and only available to your members. The opening of and closing of the store is set by your group manager in consultation with Seight Sports

With MTS each individual member can access the store, select the items they wish, pay and check out. Their orders can even be delivered directly to their  door.

This process completely cuts out having to collate and distribute orders – and eliminates the requirements for stock holding.

MTS is a free service



Seight Sports offer very flexible minimums, we can make just one item if that’s all you need. Website pricing is based of 10 units of that item. Please get in touch to confirm your requirements and a quote can be provided.



Once your order has been submitted, we deliver to you in 5-6  weeks*. Each item is made to order so as you can imagine this takes a lot of design and production work.

If you ordered via a MTS, contact your group manager to confirm the date  the store actually closed. For MTS, we close the store on the date we have agreed with group manager. Delivery will be 5-6 weeks* after this closure date.

All orders are sent via a tracked delivery number.

*Depending on time of year this may change due to production availability and the complexity of your order. A time line will be agreed at time of order.


How to care for my clothing

Although our garments are designed to withstand years of use, correct washing and storage is essential to keeping them performing and looking at their best.


  • Cold wash only, below 30° celsius.
  •  Hand  wash is recommended. However all Seight garments can be cold machine washed on a gentle/ delicate cycle with low spin.
  • Always wash with like colours as pre dyed fabrics may lose a bit of dye on the first wash.
  • All zips and velcro should be done up to reduce the risk of damage and it is recommended to wash the kit in a laundry bag.
  • Activewear-specific detergents are advised however small doses of sensitive, biodegradable detergent will suffice. Harsh chemicals in detergents can reduce the longevity of the kit.
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use fabric softeners


  • Air dry only
  • Do not twist or wring
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron


  • Garments should be stored dry out of direct sunlight